Package contributors

Corrfunc project coordinator

  • Manodeep Sinha

Lead developers

  • Manodeep Sinha

Core package contributors

  • Manodeep Sinha (@manodeep)

  • Lehman Garrison (@lgarrison)

  • Nick Hand (@nickhand)

Other credits

  • Corrfunc contains code from Agner Fog, GeometricTools, and the package SGLIB. The LICENSE for these external files remains with the original author of the package.

  • The entirety of the docs for Corrfunc is derived from halotools. I know, first-hand, how much of an effort it was for the developers of halotools to generate all of this documentation. Having such a template made creating the docs for Corrfunc a lot easier process.

  • The API generation script for Corrfunc was lifted directly out of the repo bccp/nbodykit/.