Using the command-line interface in Corrfunc

This guide assumes that you already followed the Package Installation section of the documentation to get the package and its dependencies set up on your machine.

Calculating spatial clustering statistics in simulation boxes

Corrfunc can compute a range of spatial correlation functions and the counts-in-cells. The easiest way to get help on the command-line is by calling the executables without any input parameters. Here is the list of executables associated with each type of clustering statistic:

Clustering Statistic Full path to executable
\(DD(r)\) theory/DD/DD
\(DD(r_p,\pi)\) theory/DDrppi/DDrppi
\(w_p(r_p)\) theory/wp/wp
\(\xi(r)\) theory/xi/xi
\(pN(n)\) theory/vpf/vpf

Calculating clustering statistics in mock catalogs

The list of clustering statistics supported on mock catalogs and the associated command-line executables are:

Clustering Statistic Full path to executable
\(DD(r_p,\pi)\) mocks/DDrppi_mocks/DDrppi_mocks
\(DD(\theta)\) mocks/DDtheta_mocks/DDtheta_mocks
\(pN(n)\) mocks/vpf_mocks/vpf_mocks